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Holly grew up in south Alabama, near the Florida line, in a place that is not to be confused with the panhandle.  The daughter of a country music singer and a burned-out Vietnam vet, she learned to thrive where she was planted. She is an only child with nine brothers and sisters:  five half siblings courtesy of her father (who all have different mothers and for all we know, there are more), three stepsisters and one stepbrother, courtesy of her mother. Try explaining that at a dinner party when someone asks, "who are your people?".  There has been one more confirmed since this original post and two more potential matches.  

If your Papa is a rolling stone, for damn sure, don't send your dna to Ancestry.

She studied interior design at Auburn University and was the most relentless student; she probably holds the record for readmission to school, in spite of the fact that she didn't graduate at the end of her senior year.  She passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam in 2000, and still practices residential interior design. Concentrating on full house remodels, Holly is known regionally for her interior design work. Her rooms at the Alabama Symphony Orchestra's Decorators' Show House were stellar, and she is one of the only designers to ever sell every single thing in a room that she designed.

She completed the design for the renovation of The Holley House Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Brewton, Alabama. Seven generations of her home graced the halls of this home that was formerly her grandfather's hospital from the 1930s through the 1960s, and later her family homeplace.

In 2011, with the help of some Auburn fans and some Alabama fans, she organized relief efforts for Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and started a non-profit agency that specializes in disaster relief.  Within one week, her group had 26 million facebook page views, and had 85,000 followers. She has traveled all over the country representing the good people of the great state of Alabama, offering aid to those who are hurting. Holly has been featured repeatedly across national media outlets, and even written up in Southern Living by her friend, Kim Cross, and  hero, Rick Bragg.  She is currently writing a book about the miracles that happened along the way to relief.

***Okay, update- she was, but no one wanted to read it, so she was told to put together a series of four books about her crazy life.  Maybe she can put all of that together before another birthday passes.

She and her husband raised two daughters and a son who are all grown and living on their own.  They have two grandchildren, with flaming red hair.  They recently lost their Furchild Willie Nelson- who is exactly what the name implies- the rock star of all dogs!  The children have all turned out well in spite of their free-range parenting, and Holly and her husband are both proud of what their children have accomplished.  

She loves Jesus, but she cusses a little (just a little disclaimer before you read further).  She believes in keeping it real and laughs at people who say "fudgesicle" when they stump their toes because they are, without a doubt, lying hypocrites.

Married to Jimbo, Holly resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and out of an old beat up Vera Bradley duffle bag out of her car, and frequently is on an airplane making a new friend.

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  1. Holly, this is priceless. This is my grandmother as well. She's the greatest cook I've ever known and I have a recipe collection I've put together from talking to her on the phone, no lie! Recipes are always... "little bit of this" and "little bit of that" and "don't put too much or..." I have never, ever, ever, been able to duplicate her chicken and dumplings and I've made it with her at least a dozen times. There's no recipe, and every time it's slightly different. I don't think she really knows "how" she makes them, she just does it. Reading this story made my day.


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