"Of course I married Jimmy, he brought me the BIG Whitman's Sampler."

February 12, 2015

My husband's grandmother, Pauline, was 4'10",  and was a colorful story teller with huge twinkly eyes. She always had a little pep in her step, even in her nineties.  Dainty and prissy, she lived to be 97, was sharp as a tack, and we were great phone friends.  We didn't spend much time together in person because of distance, but we spoke on the phone fairly often. She had a difficult time hearing on the telephone, but somehow she could understand me, and I loved hearing her stories.

We would talk for hours and she would tell me stories about her days in college at Judson, how she was her Daddy's favorite, and how her sister, Daisy Earle, was always their Mama's favorite. She told me that during the summers she would have a long list of gentleman callers- she called them suitors- who were all vying for her hand in marriage.  By her own account, she was quite an accomplished dancer.

I was so proud when we picked up the dining room table and buffet that belonged to Pauline's mother to save it from the Estate sale.  We brought it home, cleaned it up, and reupholstered the seats. It is a beautiful table and I am saving it for my step-daughter, Jamie, for her first home. Jamie will be the fifth generation to sit at this table.  I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

The importance of this table and buffet, is that it was purchased new around 1935, when Pauline married the winning suitor, Jimmy.  She said her Mama was running around like she had a bee in her bonnet getting ready for that wedding reception and her mother, Mrs. Day,  redid the entire house in preparation for the big wedding.  Her wedding cake was displayed, cut, and served on our buffet.

I asked Pauline, out of all of the suitors who called on her that summer, why she chose Jimmy to be her husband.  Her answer was short, very matter of fact, and she said it like I shouldn't be shocked at all to hear her say "Well, Jimmy showed up with the BIG BOX of Whitman's Sampler candy, not one of those little ones, AND, he brought flowers. I knew right then, he was the one for me."

Tonight, somewhere in Florida, my husband has taken my step-daughter out for their Valentine's dinner date.  Of course, he took her the big box of Whitman's Sampler candy, because if it weren't for the Whitman's Sampler, she might not be here today.

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all
I hope you get your favorite piece of candy on the first bite.

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