And the People said "Amen!" (Part 2)

May 25, 2014

The next thing you know, we were making a fast decision about what to do next.  Jason was 10, so he was always bossing me.  We knew that if we were caught "half naked" at the creek in front of the church people- me especially- that we would be going downtown to Fly Flap City.
We ran out of the creek and hid in the woods on the other side; there were trees there that we hid in and watched the baptism.  At one point, we thought that we could go down and cross the creek, and then sneak up to the house without being seen, but it was too deep down there. All we had to do was wait out the baptism and then after everyone was gone, we could sneak back up the hill and go in the side door without being noticed while Bigmama put dinner on the table, but it didn't quite go down like we had planned!
I don't ever remember anything ever taking so long in my entire life!  You know how you always have to pee when you are in your swimsuit and you are wet and freezing?  We were freezing and wet, and well, we needed to pee.  Now, on top of trying to be still and quiet, and invisible, we both had to pee and were doing a rain dance- but a quiet, still rain dance.  I remember Joe and Rufus and Thomas Earle in the creek with the people being baptized.  There were a lot of hallelujahs in the air and Rube Timothy  was standing on the creek bank praying and smiling that huge smile of his.
One after the other, the baptism candidates came to the water to wash away their sins.  But, it didn't stop there- shouting commenced and then there was hand waving and praying!  The Holy Ghost had apparently come to party, because Bigmama stood on the creek bank praying and speaking in tongues for what seemed like forever.  We knew she'd be the last one out of there and once she was done, we would probably be clear to head back to the house.
Finally, around 2 o'clock, after every single person had gone up the hill, Bigmama stood on the creek bank in her Thelma Harper dress, her Mason  catalog shoes, and her kevlar stockings.  She yelled in the highest pitched voice you've ever heard "Holllllleeee, Jaaaaaaason!  You boys had better get up that hill!"  She had known we were there the whole time.  She always knew- she had a sixth sense about things.  That day I won my first trip ever- a free ticket to Fly Flap City.

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  1. This is very good Holly! This is so real and well written I feel like I was down at that creek watching!


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